I follow no rules of the art of phos+graphis except by accident

I am The Photodiarist. This website and my blog contain photographs of people, places and things that inspire me, move me or capture my interest on any given day. Unless otherwise indicated, all photographs shown here have been taken and processed by me.

I live in New York, so most of the shots shown in this website and in my blog document every day moments in my city. Whenever I have time, I roam around the city with a camera in hand.  I have a few favorite haunts, which are reflected time and time again in my photos. 

I use Canon digital cameras and lenses. My equipment includes a Canon Powershot G10, a 1ds Mark II, a 5d Mark II, several prime lenses and a few zoom lenses. For photo processing, I use my feelings, a MacBook Pro and Adobe Lightroom. Even with all this equipment, the most important instruments in my arsenal are my eyes.

One more thing: All of my photographs are copyrighted by me. No part of this website and blog may be used or reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means whatsoever without my prior permission or full attribution. If you want to copy, print or publish something, just email me: